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More Fire

It is so easy to get caught up in the worldly ways; daily chores, paperwork, checking emails etc… and before we know it we have moved away from the Lord. Then the tiredness creeps in, laziness starts to have its way, and yes the enemy is having a field day. In these days we have to be sure to overcome these obstacles by continuously getting closer to the Lord. God does not give out His gift of tongue as a tool to be ignored, or used only on Sundays. Its purpose is to strike down the blows of the enemy and to stir up the fire and to stay on the right side of the throne. We need to be exercising this gift; speaking in tongues allows for you to fight a good fight and to overcome the devil. Think about it we have so much time during the day; so many things can happen whether negative or positive. We are in charge of time during the day and it’s our responsibility as Christians to use time wisely. God desires to bless His children every day but it is our acts that hold back the blessings sometimes.

God has the grace and mercy for us each day and patiently waits for us to get things right. God is preparing His army and an anointed army is an army that will come into battle for the lost of this world. A spiritual army will gather in praise, and with power, in unity and as the Body of Christ. God is waiting for us and we need to be equipped, we need to activate the gifts and we need to be regularly speaking in tongue to fight in the spiritual realm. We need to be calling for the FIRE of God to come down on us, in all its glory because if we don’t the devil will snatch our desires and put out the fire as easy as an earthly fireman practices in reality. Get angry with the devil, he is there to steal. Don’t allow his ways, get right with God today and stir the fire in the soul.

I pray for the power of Jesus to pour on YOU!! May God bring you into victory today.


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The Process

The testing period which comes to us all at some point in our life. For some, it comes often and for others it depends on how many times in their (christian) walk they want to be challenged. An illness, bankcruptcy, getting fired, or being made redundant are just some examples of the process.

For many Christians it is easy to take  on an attitude of ‘why me’, why does this have to happen to me?’ I did’nt ask for this, or I want to do good in this world, let someone else have this problem.

Sometimes it feels like you are in a pit and nothing is going right for you, it even seems like God is not listening to you during the process.

The enemy wants us to adopt this mentality, it keeps a smile on his face. The key though is to keep pressing in and believing something great is going to happen and keep trusting God no matter what. If there is no faith, it will be very hard to reach our potential in  life. The ability to be thankful in every circumstance that a christian may face is not easy either, but with practice, discipine, obediance and prayer it will be achieved.

As Christians we are encouraged to ask God for wisdom, or by our own desire we ask for patience, more discipline, more maturing and then when we are faced with difficult times; it suddenly becomes easy to say why is this happening to me? The truth is we asked for it, we asked for the maturing of the spirit, we asked for God to prosper us and to make us great people. In order for the process of the Christian heart to grow and to be strong, God must do His conditioning in us. He sometimes needs to take us through the understanding process, the experiences, the loneliness, the suffering or whatever it might be.

When we are in the process, God is able to draw His people closer. He is able to mould us more into the image of Jesus, and is able to humble us and speak to us clearer because we are where He wants us to be. When we are at the Feet of Jesus, and recognize Him as our Lord and Saviour, and see Him for all He is, we will then start to appreciate Him for the journey He has mapped out for us. The journey which allows greatness,prosperity, joy, great health, purpose and fullfillment.

Trevor Bishop

Leading through rightousness

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