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The article below is written with great wisdom from above! The Lord tests us and knocks hard on our doors but if we do not listen we can still find ourselves in the wilderness. We have to let go of our own understanding and see things how our Father sees and then for sure we will get to the promised land. Enjoy!

The Purpose of the Wilderness

By Glen Riddick

Whether you believe it or not, there is a purpose of the Wilderness.
In the Old Testament, many of us have heard preachers and teachers
of the Word of God mention that this 40 year ordeal of wandering in
the wilderness could have been just a few week journey, but they
never go into detail of the specific purpose of the Wilderness.

If we look at the scriptures in Deuteronomy 8:2, “And thou shalt
remember all the way which the LORD thy God led thee these
forty years in the wilderness, to “humble thee”, and to “prove thee”,
to “know what was in thine heart”, whether thou wouldest keep his
commandments, or not.”

3 major things were mentioned:

a.. to humble thee
b.. to prove thee
c.. to know what was in thine heart
So as we examine the scriptures, the specific purpose of the wilder-
ness was a mere ‘proving ground’. In the wilderness, one is supposed
to die to the flesh (your ideas, your ways) and hearken to the Word of GOD.

Because the Children of Israel did not do these specific “3” things
(they murmured and complained and never changed ) they died in
the wilderness. They were SAVED from the hands of Pharoah and
the Egyptians, but they still died without obtaining the promised
land that was given to them by God. Only Caleb and Joshua along
with the next generation were ever able to crossover and possess
the land …..are you getting this? You can be SAVED, but not have
what is promised!!

God is saying: you will die in the wilderness if you do not allow God
to humble you, prove you and reveal to you the issues that are in
your heart. The Lord is saying that you think that you are ready for
the masses and packed out stadiums and churches, but really you are not.

This ‘proving ground’ is where we must stay until we get right with
God and then He allows us to truly possess the Promised Land.

If we fast forward and look at the life of Jesus, we see that after He
was baptized in the river Jordan, the Spirit of God came upon Him.
Immediately the Spirit of God drove him in the wilderness to be
tempted, tested and tried ( i.e. the proving ground ).

Saints of God, do you see the pattern??? Jesus was in the wilder-
ness just like the children of Israel, but instead of 40 years, it was
only 40 days! Glory to God!

When Jesus was in the wilderness, He passed every test!

a.. He did not exalt himself because He was the Son of God.
b.. He did not misuse the Power of God that was within Him and
remained humble.
c.. He was not going to worship another God and sell out for
worldly possessions!

After GOD examined his heart and he passed the tests, the
scriptures tell us that Jesus came out of the wilderness (i.e. the
proving ground ) in the POWER of the SPIRIT and began to possess
the Land. Wherever he went there were signs, wonders and miracles
and there was victory!!

I must be blunt and to the point today Child of God, please stop
acting like the children of Israel in the wilderness, it will only cause
death! You will die in the wilderness. Although God will take care
of you to some degree, it is second best! I am tired of second best,
aren’t you??

I really do want to reach the masses! I really do want to flow in the
Holy Ghost! I want to be just like Jesus and come out of the wilder-
ness in the Power of the Spirit and then be able to say WATCH

Here is the reason you are in the wilderness:

a.. Some of you are so lifted up in pride, that is the exact reason
why you are in the wilderness.
b.. Some of you are failing every single trial and test, so that is
why you are in the wilderness, you cannot get past the proving process.
c.. Some of you when you open your mouth, you can clearly see
why you are in the wilderness because, “out of the abundance of
your heart, the mouth speaketh”.

Dont ever think that the people that are being used mightily of God
in our day and time have not paid a dear price for it!!

People that are reaching out and making a difference (I am not
talking about people that are in emotionalism or people that have
learned to work a crowd) that are getting BIBLE RESULTS…. they
have paid a great price to go all the way with God. Are you willing
to pay that price? Are you willing to give it all up like the disciples?
If not, you cannot be Jesus’ disciple. Search the scriptures….this
type of believer does not need advertisement…. GOD is their advertisement!

In conclusion, God wants you to come out of the wilderness. God
wants you to eat the good of the land. God wants us to be just like
Jesus! If we are just like Jesus, churches will not be empty, if we
are just like Jesus, people would have faith in God. If we are just
like Jesus, we will be able to do the greater works that he talked
about and will not waste time talking of what God used to do, but
we will begin to talk about what he is doing right now! Glory to God!!

Please do not die in the wilderness…. you have been there too long.


Glen Riddick.


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Reap with Songs of Joy

“Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” – Psalm 126:5

Psalm 126 describes an interesting process that goes against our natural tendencies when we are taken into a difficult period in our lives. Whenever we are hurled into a crisis that brings tears, our tendency is to retreat or recoil in fear and hurt. However, there is a better way that God tells us to handle such times of travail.

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. “He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him” (Ps. 126:5-6). God is telling us that if we will do what is unnatural for us in these circumstances, He will make sure that what we sow in tears will return in joy. This is one of the most important lessons we have to learn when faced with difficult circumstances. Rather than sit back and allow self-pity and discouragement to consume us, we should plant seed during this time. Reach out to a person who needs a friend. Invest in the life of another. See where you can be a blessing to someone. Give of yourself. 

The psalmist acknowledges that we are doing this while we are in our pain. However, during this time we are to sow seed. That seed will return to us in another form. Here is what will happen when we do this. “He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.” We will receive joy and fruit from the seed that we plant during this time. Sheaves represent the fruit of a harvest. We will actually get a harvest from this seed.

“You must not let the circumstances destroy you! Too many in the Kingdom are counting on you to come through this because of the calling on your life!” Those were the words spoken to me by a friend one time when I was in the midst of a very difficult business and personal circumstance that was threatening to destroy me emotionally. This person saw what God was doing and the fruit that God wanted to bring from these circumstances. Sometimes we need others around us to push us through the difficult times. If you find yourself in a difficult place today, see where you can sow some seed. Soon you will be reaping songs of joy.

(Dereck Prince)

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More Fire

It is so easy to get caught up in the worldly ways; daily chores, paperwork, checking emails etc… and before we know it we have moved away from the Lord. Then the tiredness creeps in, laziness starts to have its way, and yes the enemy is having a field day. In these days we have to be sure to overcome these obstacles by continuously getting closer to the Lord. God does not give out His gift of tongue as a tool to be ignored, or used only on Sundays. Its purpose is to strike down the blows of the enemy and to stir up the fire and to stay on the right side of the throne. We need to be exercising this gift; speaking in tongues allows for you to fight a good fight and to overcome the devil. Think about it we have so much time during the day; so many things can happen whether negative or positive. We are in charge of time during the day and it’s our responsibility as Christians to use time wisely. God desires to bless His children every day but it is our acts that hold back the blessings sometimes.

God has the grace and mercy for us each day and patiently waits for us to get things right. God is preparing His army and an anointed army is an army that will come into battle for the lost of this world. A spiritual army will gather in praise, and with power, in unity and as the Body of Christ. God is waiting for us and we need to be equipped, we need to activate the gifts and we need to be regularly speaking in tongue to fight in the spiritual realm. We need to be calling for the FIRE of God to come down on us, in all its glory because if we don’t the devil will snatch our desires and put out the fire as easy as an earthly fireman practices in reality. Get angry with the devil, he is there to steal. Don’t allow his ways, get right with God today and stir the fire in the soul.

I pray for the power of Jesus to pour on YOU!! May God bring you into victory today.

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The Process

The testing period which comes to us all at some point in our life. For some, it comes often and for others it depends on how many times in their (christian) walk they want to be challenged. An illness, bankcruptcy, getting fired, or being made redundant are just some examples of the process.

For many Christians it is easy to take  on an attitude of ‘why me’, why does this have to happen to me?’ I did’nt ask for this, or I want to do good in this world, let someone else have this problem.

Sometimes it feels like you are in a pit and nothing is going right for you, it even seems like God is not listening to you during the process.

The enemy wants us to adopt this mentality, it keeps a smile on his face. The key though is to keep pressing in and believing something great is going to happen and keep trusting God no matter what. If there is no faith, it will be very hard to reach our potential in  life. The ability to be thankful in every circumstance that a christian may face is not easy either, but with practice, discipine, obediance and prayer it will be achieved.

As Christians we are encouraged to ask God for wisdom, or by our own desire we ask for patience, more discipline, more maturing and then when we are faced with difficult times; it suddenly becomes easy to say why is this happening to me? The truth is we asked for it, we asked for the maturing of the spirit, we asked for God to prosper us and to make us great people. In order for the process of the Christian heart to grow and to be strong, God must do His conditioning in us. He sometimes needs to take us through the understanding process, the experiences, the loneliness, the suffering or whatever it might be.

When we are in the process, God is able to draw His people closer. He is able to mould us more into the image of Jesus, and is able to humble us and speak to us clearer because we are where He wants us to be. When we are at the Feet of Jesus, and recognize Him as our Lord and Saviour, and see Him for all He is, we will then start to appreciate Him for the journey He has mapped out for us. The journey which allows greatness,prosperity, joy, great health, purpose and fullfillment.

Trevor Bishop

Leading through rightousness

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Not to Lead with Issues

How does a leader call himself a leader when he has personal issues? This is something that I have closely observed over the years, with various leaders and I am not saying that I am perfect. However, it is my belief that a leader needs to regularly look at himself and if neccessary ask a friend if  there is anything he needs to improve in. Having a humble character, in my opinion is the only way to successful leadership. A humble leader recognizes that people around him may have greater skills, gifts, knowledge than himself and reckognizing those assets in a church, or workplace could make the difference. The only problem is, that often or not Leaders accelerate too fast without regular self reflection and because of pride or arrogance often miss the answers to thier problems. Thier heads are too high up to see what is actually happening down below. A leader who thinks with a clear conscience and a rightous heart will almost definately be able to take on larger responsibility with a smoother outcome.

The importance of a leader is significant. He becomes a source of inspiration, he is the decision maker and all responsibility rests in his hands, so when things are not right with the person at the top, everything below is likely to take a fall or the organization gets crippled somehow.  The reason pride surfaces at the top is because leaders want to be known, usually pride is due to insecurity. Having insecure leaders in your organization is not a good thing certainly if the Leader does not accept his or her weakness. 

For me, there is only one way to  great leadership and that is accepting a great Leader before you, and His name is Jesus Christ.  Laying your insecurities down before God is probably the best beginning in Leadership. God wants people to be free from emotional difficulties and struggles, it is His desire for Leaders to lead with joy and liberty.

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Dreams in Action

Real Dreamer or Day Dreamer

23 09 2009

An organization picks up steam when its leaders point to a better tomorrow. Momentum breaks down when leaders preoccupy themselves with the past. Or, as I’ve heard quoted, “Losers yearn for the past and get stuck in it. Winners learn from the past and let go of it.” Many people have powerful dreams. However, most don’t realize that the viability of their ideal tomorrow is based on what they do today. The difference between a dream and wishful thinking is what you’re doing now. Practice today what you want to be tomorrow. If you do it well enough, someday you may arrive at your dream. John C. Maxwell

Real Dreamer or Day Dreamer

Stick with the dream it’s the one shot you have. The dream that gets you excited, it stirs something inside. It’s where the heart wants to run but all too many times there’s  a fight against the current. Excuses come up time and time again; I’m too busy, I have no money, and then the dream is buried once again. Life likes to throw obstacles at us to just about stop every hope of a dream from happening. A Leader needs to take hold and stand boldly and proclaim that nothing is going to stop this dream from happening. Just taking this act of courage will start the momentum turning and it reflects a sign of power. Dreams need to be regularly fed, a bit like spoon feeding similar to an infant. The dream needs to come alive! It has to start somehow and declaring positive words over the dream will help to inspire growth. If by setting possible tasks each day and celebrating small accomplishments the dream will start to get the nutrition it needs. A leader needs to establish a lifestyle of discipline in order for the momentum to keep driving and as John Maxwell cites ‘Practice today what you want to be tomorrow’.

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